Legal services

The main areas of legal services provided by the Advice House Company include:
1. Commercial Law
2. Sports Law
3. Corporate Law
4. Intellectual Property
5. Real Estate
6. Legal representation in court

  • Legal advice on logistics;
  • Export/import state regulation issues;
  • Advice on foreign trade operations;
  • Preparation of opinions on the relationship between the national and supranational legal provisions in various business activities;
  • Advice on civil, antitrust, customs, tax, and currency legislations.
  • Execution of contracts between sports clubs and professional athletes;
  • Legal support of sports clubs and professional athletes;
  • Tax consulting services for sports clubs;
  • Advice on sports law enforcement;
  • Advice in the international and Azerbaijani law;
  • Representation of interests in disputes in the field of professional sports.
  • Conduct of legal reviews of assets being acquired;
  • Participation in transaction terms negotiation;
  • Preparation and analysis of proper documentation on transactions;
  • Business establishment and structuring, compliance with all regulatory requirements for regulated business areas;
  • Advice on corporate restructuring issues;
  • Conduct of negotiations and development of commercial contracts.
  • Protection of exclusive trademark rights, prohibition of the use of registered designations;
  • Protection of the rights to a trade name and trade designation;
  • Contestation of authorship;
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
  • Legal support for commercial property lease;
  • Settlement of disputes in and out of court;
  • Legal recognition of or contestation over the real estate ownership;
  • Legal protection of investments in real estate items, restoration of forfeited rights of ownership or removal of obstacles in the enforcement of real estate ownership;
  • Obtaining permits for construction and reconstruction;
  • Addressing housing and other issues with respect to real estate of natural persons;
  • Registration of rights to an enterprise as a property complex.
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Debt recovery disputes;
  • Disputes over intellectual property right protection;
  • Disputes on construction;
  • Disputes on real estate;
  • Disputes on taxes;
  • Other types of disputes.