Development of business plans

Busines plan is a guide for your company, which includes your company’s main goals and ways of their achievement. Therefore, a high-quality developed business plan is a recipe for success for any company.
Experts of Advice House will develop a business plan, which will assist you in maximizing your profit and minimizing your expenses. We can demonstrate the effectiveness of your business model and provide it with objective and multilateral assessment.

    Why is a business plan needed?
  • define product features and its competitive advantages
  • designate a company’s general development strategy
  • work out a financial plan in detail
  • get an in-depth market understanding (get to know the market on the inside)
  • clear mission statement and business vision
  • optimize processes
  • recruit skilled staff
  • Experts of Advice House work with the following business plan structure:
    1. Curriculum Vitae for a leader
    2. Industry and company description
    3. Description of goods and services
    4. Sales and a marketing plan
    5. A plan of production
    6. An organizational plan
    7. Main development stages
    8. Structure and capitalization
    9. A financial plan
    10. Assessment of project effectiveness
    11. Guaranties and company risks
    12. Annexes