Brand development is a technology of turning a standard consumer product into a successful trademark, adding on competitive advantages to a product, to its value and emotional content.

    Proper branding will assist your company in addressing the following issues:
  • Create a positive image, core distinctive features and extra values of a product in addition to its principal functional purpose.
  • Build a system of communications and interaction with consumers.
  • Improve quality of a product perceived by consumers and hence, a level of trust of target audience in a product.
  • Increase the value and assets of a trademark, which will let a producer raise the price for the offered product.
  • Create an emotional link between the target audience and a brand.
  • Experts of Advice House will consider the following stages in a branding process:
    1. Market and consumer analysis
    2. Development of a brand concept
    3. Formation of an identification system
    4. Development of brand documentation – a brand-book and guidelines – user-guide for verbal and visual elements of a trademark
    5. Building a strategy of product introduction into the market – promotion of a company brand.
    6. Media planning and development of advertising campaign.
    7. Monitoring effectiveness of branding