Management consulting

Management consulting is a complex of consultancy services aimed at raising operational effectiveness of a company: improving manageability, growth of competitiveness, increasing productivity, reducing business costs and etc.

    By involving experts from Advice House, you will enjoy the following outcomes:
  • Improved business effectiveness and management system.
  • Analysis of an operational business model and its optimization.
  • Formation of a business financial model.
  • Establishment and development of corporate culture and a staff motivation system.
  • Formation of a team to implement a business model for new business projects.
  • Training and capacity building of a company’s top management
  • Formation and development of a system of business processes, a system of information exchange and document flow.
  • Experts of Advice House can address the following tasks:
  • optimization of costs
  • increase of profitability
  • increase of financial turnover
  • boosting a production cycle
  • capacity building of staff