Development Of Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is an element of general company strategy (a corporate strategy), which describes how a company should use its limited resources to achieve a maximum result in boosting sales and profitability from sales in a long run.
Experts of Advice House will assist you in developing an effective marketing strategy of your company based on profound knowledge of target audience, their needs, characteristics and features, which will contribute to/for:

  • Gain a market position for a company
  • Increase a market share
  • Increase a number of loyal customers/consumers
  • Sales growth that will be higher than competitors’ and will be market average
  • Access to new sales markets
  • Expand sales geography
  • Market launch of new successful goods and services

Principal development stages of a marketing strategy:

    1. Define a direction of the company development and set strategic goals;
    2. Analyse the current state of a company;
    3. Conduct a SWOT analysis;
    4. Marketing research, define a company role and position in the market;
    5. Study competitive companies and their activities;
    6. Conduct marketing research aimed at composing a consumer portrait;
    7. Select a development strategy of a firm;
    8. Describe principles of marketing strategy;
    9. Define a portfolio of projects necessary for introduction of a marketing strategy (branding, advertising strategy, market analyst and brand-analyst and etc.);
    10. Plan activities to implement a marketing strategy;
    11. Maintain and monitor the implementation of a marketing strategy (audit and corrective actions).