Strategic Consulting

The aim of strategic consulting is to assist companies in achieving long-term advantages over competitors.
The principal objective of strategic consulting is to identify new market possibilities and develop a plan of their implementation, select the most effective way of company development in the future and development of a road map.
Experts of Advice House will assist you in choosing the most effective way of development for your company. You can fully trust our experts in:

  • Choosing a direction of enterprise development
  • Developing a business strategy for organisation
  • Drafting a development strategy of enterprise / organisation
  • Drafting an innovative strategy of enterprise development
  • Implementing a development strategy of a company
  • Strategic analysis of an enterprise
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic management

A strategic plan of development is a complex document encompassing all branches of the company activities in a strategic scale.
The development of the company strategy in line with the mission statement and strategic goals takes six consistent stages.

  • Анализ состояния рынка.Analysis of the market condition
  • Search and development of strategies
  • Selection of a strategy
  • Development and introduction of a Strategic plan
  • Analysis and review of a strategy
  • Assessment and supervision over the strategy implementation (a Strategic audit)